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Calculator Overview

It is important to understand the "real" price tag of a college - that is, what you and your parents will have to pay. This calculator helps you compare financial aid award letters from different schools. It not only analyzes how much you and your parents will need to contribute toward your education, but also how much the monthly payments are for various loan packages.

School Name

School offering this
financial aid package:

Cost of Attendance

Years left in school:   Years
Tuition:   $
Room and Board:   $
Supplies   $
Other Expenses   $

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

EFC (EFC Calculator)   $


Scholarships   $
Pell Grants   $
(Federal Supplemental
Educational Opportunity Grant)
School Grants   $
Other Grants   $

Other Aid

Work Study   $
Outside Job   $
Additional Help from Family  
(Do not include contributions captured in EFC)


Perkins Loan   $
Stafford Loan (Subsidized)   $
Stafford Loan (Unsubsidized)   $
PLUS Loan   $
Private Loan
  Private Loan Amount   $
  Private Loan Interest Rate   %
  Private Loan Repayment Term   Years
  Private Loan Minimum Payment   $

Note: This calculation assumes that:
* You have the same financial aid package for all years of school
* Interest on Stafford and Private loans is not paid during school
* Parents begin payment of PLUS loans immediately after disbursement

Calculator Disclaimer